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The Bend In A Straight Track


We’re led to believe that we live in a world of two trains of sexual thought, the homosexual and the heterosexual and people can be one, the other or move between as they choose. That being said, as a single man who enjoys sex, why is there a thrill attached to idea of conversion? I mean, in the 21st Century, are we really existing in an age where people feel the need to be entirely committed to one path or the other?

I recently slept with the University friend of one of my friends. He is your average 22 year old guy, who’s slept with his fair share of women and, personally, I’ve never seen his attraction to the homosexual before. So you can imagine my surprise when, out of the blue on our mutual friend’s birthday night out, he starts holding my hand in the taxi on the way home. The sex happened, and it was mediocre at best, but it happened and the next day the obvious conversation with our mutual friend occurred.

Now there’s one thing you need to know about our shared friend, she’s a gay magnet. Every male best friend she’s had in her life has ended up coming out to her. The conversation soon turned to whether there was a thrill or not involved in getting with someone who, in the past, had been exclusively straight. She told me that one of her other gay best friends had informed her that he’s exclusive to “straight” guys as he gets off on the adrenaline rush. Personally, I experienced a bit of an added pleasure but I put that down to the fact that I have always been somewhat attracted to the guy and so was quite happy to be getting what I thought could only ever be a fantasy.

When I next spoke to the guy, he wanted to put the experience down to the stereotypical university experimentation… I, personally, did not believe that for one second. I think he had forgotten that, in the midst of the first make out session, he had admitted to kissing boys before and wanting to do stuff with them but always being nervous. Therefore, I did not accept for one second that this was a one off experimentation. But then it hit me… Why did he feel the need to justify his actions to me? I wasn’t bothered, our mutual friends weren’t bothered and considering we’re not famous, the general public certainly were not bothered, so it was definitely reaffirming his heterosexuality to himself. My advice to him, accept it. We’re living in an age where more and more people have kissed, fondled or slept with someone of the same sex and it’s becoming less and less of an experiment and more of a leisure activity. I say bye to the two lanes of the road and moving between! Do what you want people! As Eleanor Roosevelt once said ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’, so stop believing that if you “experiment” with someone of the same sex, you’re inferior. Enjoy the experience!



A Line Of Cock


I’ve always been one who finds sex enjoyable for what it basically is, sex. I enjoy the combination of two bodies, intimacy and pleasure.That being said, lately I have been talking to one of my close friends who revealed to me that normal sex had become relatively boring to him. Instead he’s turned to snorting a couple lines of coke in order to boost his experience. So with this, I have to ask, is normal sex becoming too boring and is the new preference to have a line before the cock?

My friend has always been an avid recreational drug user, especially when it comes to cocaine and his doesn’t hide it. Last Friday night as well, ironically, he ended up having sex with his dealer. He said it was really good sex and he got the added bonus of a few free lines. However, when I asked him more details about the sex, as you do, he simply stated that he could not remember. Somehow he could remember the feelings and the pleasure but not the actual experience. I find this highly bizarre and something that just would never appeal to me in this day and age.

I know there is a market, especially in the gay world for herbal extras as well as illegal ones that are supposed to boost sexual experiences. In fact, I’ve been offered them more than once. But there’s a part of me that just cannot get over the fact that the majority of this extras lead to you forgetting the experiences… You remember the pleasure but I can’t help but wonder if that pleasure is just an orgasm…

In my opinion, if you need that kind of boost to make your sex pleasurable then you clearly are either:

a) Not doing it right.

b) Doing it with the wrong person.

If it works for you, I’m honestly not judging but as long as normal sex is pleasurable and enjoyable for me, I’m going to stick with it. And if you plan on having sex with me, you best make sure you leave your extras in the bin before you get to my door.



Tick, Tock & A Race For Cock



I’ve always been aware of time when it comes to dating, I don’t know if that’s just me or if that’s a consensus but judging by what my friends tell me, I’m going to say that a lot of people out there feel the way we do. For example, I’ve always thought that if I get my own place at 24, get married at 27 then I’ll have kids at 30 and 32. But lately I’ve been beginning to wonder that if people feel like that then are we subconsciously placing ourselves in to a race? And if so, is the main goal to be the first one to the white picket fence and the swingset?

For the last couple of weeks or so, I’ve been beginning to talk to some guy I met at a festival this summer. We’ve chatted back and forth about jobs, our education, our social circles and even about our love lives. However, the last topic led to the decision that we should go on a date and that date was meant to be today. Last week, I came to the conclusion, after an impromptu midnight appearance from my ex (I kicked him to the curb don’t worry), that I no longer wanted to date younger men resulting in me cancelling the date. He was alright with it and we agreed to just be friends. So you can imagine my shock when, today, the day we were meant to be going on a date, he tells me that he met someone last week that he now calls his boyfriend.

Upon hearing this news, it brought me right back to the start of thinking, are we placing ourselves in a race by being a part of Western Civilization’s dating world? And by me not having found a boyfriend within a week or so of splitting with my ex am I decreasing my odds? I mean the dating world is already a tough enough world to partake in but if we assess the above analogy, are we meant to start looking at anyone who interacts with our potential suitors of interest as competition?

All in all I think there is one simple solution. Stop watching the clock. I have placed a clock picture on the top of the article because, if you like me and my friends, have planned your romantic life, I want that to be the last clock you look at and I want you to throw your schedule out of the window. Everything will happen in its own time, not in a calculated set amount of minutes. I for one need to take my own advice and get back to enjoying dating rather than analyzing first dates for paternal instincts for our children. I officially announce the race for cock null and void.



The ID, The Ego and The Superdick



For years now there has been the belief that the size of a man’s ego is directly proportional to the size of a man’s downstairs forum. If he’s arrogant and cocky then he has something to be that way about and if he’s shy and a 100% nice guy then he’s definitely got something to hide. Lately, however, part of me has come under my own belief that this is becoming more and more a myth, It has gotten to the point where I now have to ask, when did the ratio between ego and penis expire and now are men just allowed to be dicks with no redeeming support?

We all know that guy, the big I Am we’ll refer to him as, the one who likes to be the center of attention on a night out. In summer, he can usually be found out in nothing more than a pair of colourful shorts and a vest top and in winter can usually be found feigning innocence in some form of Urban Outfitters knitwear. We’ve all got with this guy and it’s naturally to think anyone who’s that cocky would be great in bed, but as someone who recently came into contact with this creature, it was a disappointment. And I’m talking 5 thin inches of disappointment. So after removing myself from his house and in the taxi on the way home, it dawned on me that men now have a win win situation on their hands. They’re arseholes if they have big dicks because they have something to back it up yet they’re equally arsehole-y even if they haven’t. 

My ex was a relatively nice guy especially at the start of the relationship, which I can remember thinking, in my mind registered as tiny penis. So you can imagine my shock the first night we hooked up and he showed me what to this day was the biggest I’ve ever seen. Yet at the end of our relationship, he turned out to be equally as much of an arsehole, if not more, than the aforementioned big I Am. Clearly the universe has decidedly made it harder for us to find a good amount of girth and length as there’s clearly no Personality Map for it anymore. 

Until there comes a time when the law requires that every man carry and ID card for their penis listing it’s size, girth and satisfaction report, my advice to you is this. Pray. Evidently men are allowed to just be arseholes for the sake of being arseholes these days. I say go out in to the world and hope that whomever you take back to the bedroom has a high level of self-confidence and self-confidence in their high levels of testosterone. You never know what you’re going to get but I suppose that’s part of the fun isn’t it? 



Hand Holding Hottie


Most people, whether you’re man or woman or straight or gay, spend most of our lives looking for someone who offers companionship but at the end of the day when all you require is really great sex then that is all you want it to be. So why is it then that when we go out of our way to look for companionship, we get nothing but sex yet when we explicitly want a sexual experience, we seem to get companionship? As someone who enjoys great unemotional sex, I have to ask, when did we start favoring the after show instead of the main event and is it possible to experience one without the other?

Last Friday night, my first Friday in a long time as a single man, I felt the urges that most of us feel especially after having had sex on speed dial for the last two years. On Thursday, I had begun speaking to this great bartender who had offered me his number and we had texted most of the night and completed the resultant coffee date to make the texts verbal. As much of a nice guy as he seemed, I like my men a tad more masculine that him but on Friday, I thought, why not? I had work early on Saturday and nothing and I mean NOTHING was leading to me calling my ex back.

So I put finger to iPhone keyboard and I invited him over after he closed the bar. He lived quite far away so I had previously agreed to him sleeping over. However, after two great orgasms and a make out session, I could not help but disengage the minute I rolled over and felt a hand clutching in to the under-sheet darkness trying to find my own. It was like he was at cliff’s edge, manically trying to grasp at thin air in an attempt to find my hands which had be placed beneath my head as they always are when I sleep. Eventually, I must have turned in my sleep and woke up in the middle of the night to not only this man in my bed, but out hands entwined. I shook it off and went about my sleep but the next morning I could not help but feel that this one night bootie call had meant more to him than me.

As much as people want companionship, if someone invites you over to their house at 2am, I think it’s pretty obvious that it is not a relationship they’re after. It’s also safe to say that I will neither be messaging nor holding hands with the guy that I will now forever refer to as hand holding hottie ever again. So let this be a warning, unless you’ve bought me dinner first, please don’t hold my hand or anyone’s hand for that matter. And as for you, hand holding hottie, I hope you find your hand holding love soon.




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